View City


Grade 7-12


Sunday’s // 6 – 7:30pm


Elkanah House High School Campus



At View City Sunningdale our focus is on equipping young people with a foundation on Jesus and the word of God, as well as connecting them with teens in similar seasons walking the same journey.

We want the youth of Sunningdale to have the Faith that God can not only change their lives forever, but the lives of their families and friends. Our desire is to ensure that View City will always be an outreach that is impacting the individual, as well as having an impact the culture of our schools. We believe our youth are called not only to be servants in Gods house but also leaders of the nation, leading their schools and communities to the purpose God has in store for them.

Everything about View City is a Bold declaration on the power and goodness of God to finish what he has started in us and it is an amazing privileged to be a part of this movement of God.

We understand that the presence of God cannot be measured but it can certainly be experienced and our goal for View City is for young people to have this exact experience. Encounters with God.