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Our vision is to have View Groups in every part of the Northern Suburbs. Our dream is for every person that calls View Church Tygerberg Hills home, to belong to a View Group.

Our Sunday services are awesome with large group worship, but people need smaller groups for fellowship. View Groups create the space for directing people from rows (church) to circles (View Groups) where people can do life and grow together.

At the moment all our View Groups meet online (via Whatsapp, Facebook, Zoom) between Tuesday and Friday. Even though we are physically apart, we are spiritually still connecting!

To feel that we belong, we don’t have to know everybody, but we must know somebody, and somebody needs to be looking out for us. Where we can move beyond our past and step into the future God has for us. That is why View Groups are so important – people really get to know other people.

When Jesus started His ministry, the first thing He did was to form a small group. He surrounded Himself with 12 men. He didn’t try to do it all on His own. He had deep meaningful relationships with the group, and they were there for Him in very difficult times.

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